The Coolest Music Clips on YouTube

AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK, I’m prompted to say to myself, or to anyone within earshot, “Man, I love YouTube.” Here’s why …


From the THIS IS TOM JONES show and it’s become somewhat popular but I don’t care. This was taped in 1969 shortly after the first record came out, and presumably not long after drummer Dallas Taylor and bassist Greg Reeves were hired for live shows. And, we have Neil Young before DEJA VU was recorded. Apparently Young wasn’t thrilled to be slumming it with Jones, whose recent hit was “What’s New Pussy Cat?” So, fuck him. The guy has a singular voice and he crushes this; besides, the guy whose part he’s taking, David Crosby, seems to be having a blast. Great to hear Crosby and Graham Nash work together on harmonies. And yet my favorite part of this might be Taylor and Reeves holding it all together. What a rhythm section they were, and together for only one record. Their work on “Carry On” and “Woodstock” is first-ballot hall of fame.



The British Invasion’s most awkward winners did three of their best songs on German TV in 1967 — live, live, live from the group’s original and best lineup. Impossible to be any cooler. Dig that set up: Drummer in back, four lined up shoulder to shoulder in front of combo amps. They all sing, solo and as one, and knock these out of the park — and these aren’t easy songs to pull off live. Oh, to have seen them in person. Many thanks to elodevi for posting the entire performance.



The first commentor (I see this is not really a word) on this YouTube page nails it: “God bless the motherfucker who uploaded this.” The mix isn’t great (too much maraca and the rhythm guitar is louder than Cyril Davis’  lead Ampeg) but certainly I never thought I’d see the Groovies play one of their best songs in their prime. The rest of this segment is posted, as well, but they do “Roll Over Beethoven” and “Little Queenie,” admirably but so what? This was a good four years before they recorded “Shake Some Action.”


MC5 on BEAT CLUB 1972

First let me say, not enough people run a Rickenbacker through an Orange stack. This is another rare look at a (relatively unpopular) band at its peak. If we had lost the war, would we have had this instead of American Bandstand? It’s worth contemplating.



This is after Albert Bouchard left. so the drumming, courtesy Rick Downey, is a little ham-fisted, but this is a great glimpse of BOC in, if not their prime, good form. This was recorded at a Florida show for television, so there’s a longer version with some interviews also posted. But this has sound boosted by a BOC fan. See also: “ETI” from the same show, excellent, as well.


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